How long is the Tour de France?

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It’s been called the most difficult sporting event in the world. Whether that’s the case or not it most certainly is long. We take a look at just how long the Tour de France is and what’s involved along the way.

What’s involved in the Tour de France?

The brutally demanding route of the Tour de France 2022 began in Copenhagen on July 1st and will ends 23 days from that time on July 24th at the Champs-Elysees in Paris. Between those two days, riders will be required to cover more than 200km on three different occasions across the 21 stages in Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland and France. Those sections include six flat stages, seven hilly stages and six mountain stages which include five summit finishes. If you’re wondering which stage is the longest or which has the highest climb, then read on as we will take a look at those questions and more about this intriguing and gruelling test of endurance.

How long is the Tour de France 2022?

The total distance of the Tour de France 2022 is 3,328 kilometres (2,068 miles) with riders being granted two rest days during the 23 day event. Incidentally, this year’s edition is the shortest total distance across the last decade. Last year’s edition was close behind with a total distance of 3,414 kilometres (2,121 miles), but interestingly had the longest stage since the 2000 Tour de France, with 249.1 kilometres (154.8 miles) on stage seven.

What is the longest stage of the Tour de France 2022?

The ups and downs of the hilly stage six only serve to make what is the longest stage of the Tour de France 2022 all the more difficult. Starting on July 7th in the Belgian city of Binche and ending in Longwy in north-eastern France, the stage stretches for a daunting 220km (140 miles) and is expected to take riders more than five hours to complete. By the time they arrive in France, riders will have traversed almost 146km. The stage features three major climbs, including the two-kilometre Cote des Mazures.

Which mountain is highest in Tour de France 2022?

There is one mountain stage in the Vosges, as well as three in the Alps and two in the Pyrenees. The highest summit of them all, however, is that of the Col du Galibier which the Tour actually visits twice on the 11th and 12th stages; it has a 2,642-metre peak. That brings us to the longest ascent which is known to be the Col de la Croix de Fer. The upward trek rises some 1,508 metres and covers a distance of 29km (18 miles) on the Tour.

What are the stages of Tour de France 2022?

Here we have the full list of stages for this year’s Tour de France as well as their start dates and distances:

Stage # Date Distance Start – Finish (terrain)
1 July 1st 13.2km (8.2 miles) Copenhagen – Copenhagen (Individual time trial)
2 July 2nd 202.5km (125.8 miles) Roskilde – Nyborg (flat)
3 July 3rd 182km (130.1 miles) Vejle – Sonderborg (flat)
Transfer July 4th
4 July 5th 171.5km (106.6 miles) Dunkerque – Calais (hilly)
5 July 6th 157km (97.6 miles) Lille – Arenberge Porte du Hainaut (hilly)
6 July 7th 220km (136.7 miles) Binche – Longwy (hilly)
7 July 8th 176.5km (109.7 miles) Tomblaine – La Super Planche des Belles Filles (mountain)
8 July 9th 186.5km (115.9 miles) Dole – Lausanne (hilly)
9 July 10th 193km (119.9 miles) Aigle – Chatel Les Portes du Soleil (mountain)
Rest Day July 11th Morzine Les Portes du Soleil
10 July 12th 148.5km (92.3 miles) Morzine Les Portes du Soleil – Megeve (hilly)
11 July 13th 152km (94.4 miles) Albertville – Col du Granon Serre Chevalier (mountain)
12 July 14th 165.5km (102.8 miles) Briançon – Alpe D’huez (mountain)
13 July 15th 193km (119.9 miles) Le Bourg D’Oisanas – Saint-Etienne (flat)
14 July 16th 192.5km (119.6 miles) Saint-Etienne – Mende (hilly)
15 July 17th 202.5km (125.8 miles) Rodez – Carcassonne (flat)
Rest Day July 18th Carcassonne
16 July 19th 178.5km (110.9 miles) Carcassonne – Foix (hilly)
17 July 20th 130km (80.8 miles) Saint-Gaudens – Peyragudes (mountain)
18 July 21st 143.5km (89.2 miles) Lourdes – Hautacam (mountain)
19 July 22nd 188.5km (117.1 miles) Castelnau-Magnoac – Cahors (flat)
20 July 23rd 40.7km (25.3 miles) Lacapelle-Marival – Rocamadour (Individual time trial)
21 July 24th 116km (72.1 miles) Paris La Defense Arena – Paris Champs-Elysees (flat)

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