India as a Medical Tourism Destination

Otto I. Eovaldi

This article answers all these questions buzzing in your head with insightful, helpful and up-to-date medical tourism information relevant to India! India has fast emerged as the preferred choice of many foreign patients looking for quality, timely and professional health care services and wellness programs with affordable options offered to […]

Guide To A Sailing Vacation In Sicily

Sailing in Sicily is something you should do once you get in Italy. It’s one of the best ways to experience how it is to cruise the Mediterranean while interacting with the friendly people of the islands. Touring Sicily can begin at Palermo, which is composed of 82 cities. Each […]

Great Britain As a Tourism Destination

Steeped in centuries of History, the countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, collectively known as Great Britain have so much to offer the tourist. I am originally from England now living in Canada and to be honest I never appreciated the beauty and history of Britain when I lived […]