Vacation Packages For Sedona

Otto I. Eovaldi

Sedona is regarded as one of the very famous tourist spots in USA. The city abounds in breathtaking natural beauty that attracts thousands of visitors from all across the globe, throughout the year. Sedona holds its appeal due to its unique landscape and topography. It features world famous red rock formations that are basically composed of limestone. The unnatural color of the limestone belts in Sedona is due to years of deposition of iron oxide. Sedona and its adjoining areas offer opportunities for exciting and pleasant holidays. As a result there are many tour operators in the city that provide excellent vacation packages for Sedona.

Red rocks of Sedona are prime tourist attractions because of their interesting shapes and the beautiful red color. In fact the names of the monoliths are based on the shapes they represent. The shapes range from that of a cathedral bell to that of a coffeepot. This place is also highly valued for its medicinal offerings. Sedona features a number of vortexes and energy points that are perfect for physical and mental healing.

Following are some of the attractive packages that are available for a perfect holiday at Sedona.

Grand Canyon Tour Package – The Grand Canyon is actually a deep gorge formed due to years of erosion by the Colorado River. The Canyon is about 2 hours drive from Sedona. The southern rim of Grand Canyon connects the place. If you are planning to visit Sedona, you are advised not to miss the natural splendor of the Grand Canyon.

Vortex Tour Package – This package is specially planned to provide visitors an essence of spirituality in Sedona. Sedona has a number of vortex points or similar natural features that are perfect for healing the bruised soul and mind.

Hiking Packages – Sedona, due to its rocky geographical features is also suited for hiking or trekking. If you are willing to explore the top of the red rocks you are recommended to go for the hiking packages.

Jeep Tour Package – Jeep tour is an excellent package if you are willing to have the taste of the rugged terrains of Sedona. The jeep will take you on a ride across the place while you enjoy the view of the beautiful red rocks. As the sun shifts its position throughput the day, the shades of color on the huge rocks also change, providing visitors an experience of watching the dynamic beauty of nature.

A visit to Sedona will also provide you with the opportunity of enjoying vacation packages that may include spa, hot air balloon, golfing facilities and such. Since Sedona is a well known tourist destination, it offers its guests with 5 star rated hotels, restaurants and other lodging services as well.

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