Turns Out It’s Not Possible to Time Travel Just by Flying Really Fast

Otto I. Eovaldi

The probability of time journey has excited lots of of us for hundreds of decades, inspiring many publications and movies. The capacity to transfer not only through space but into the previous or potential would open a myriad of choices for humankind.


But is it theoretically even attainable to time travel?

In the primary 1978 Superman movie, Superman goes again in time by traveling all over the world speedier than the pace of light-weight. This is very quick – the pace of light is just less than 300,000 km per next!

So much, we have not occur even close to this velocity, the quickest man-created object, a space probe, traveled at just 150 km for each second.

Provided the appropriate technological enhancements, is it theoretically feasible for us to journey speedier than the speed of gentle, and as a result, like superman, journey in time?

We questioned 6 gurus in astrophysics, astronomy, and physics, ‘Is it feasible to time travel by heading more quickly than the velocity of gentle?‘, below is what we found…

Do we knowledge time in a different way when we are touring at pace?

Einstein’s concept of relativity establishes that time is not universal – it is relative. The 1971 Hafele-Keating experiment discovered that a clock that was flown on an airplane touring at velocity fell powering clocks that remained on the floor.

A lot more lately, specific atomic clocks have been uncovered to operate at diverse speeds when just one is moved relative to the other. This phenomenon is termed ‘time dilation‘.

Dr Sean Matt, an specialist in astronomy and astrophysics from the College of Exeter in the Uk, claims, “If just one travels shut to the speed of mild, time behaves in different ways than we are employed to, and in this way, a single can shift ahead in time more rapidly than individuals remaining powering. So it is theoretically achievable to travel to the foreseeable future, but one could not return.”


Is it probable to journey more quickly than the speed of light?

All the authorities agreed that it is not feasible to vacation speedier than the velocity of light, this is also specified in Einstein’s concept.

Dr Eric Tittley, an expert in astronomy and astrophysics from the University of Edinburgh, clarifies, “It is very clear that no item or details can vacation more quickly than the pace of mild. It is not a issue of not obtaining ample power to drive it that rapidly. From an external viewpoint, any excess vitality included to a body to get it to and past the speed of mild just asymptotically accelerates it to the velocity of mild.”

‘Asymptotically’ this means a thing will get closer and nearer to the speed of light-weight, but never really reaches it.

No object can vacation quicker than the speed of light-weight due to the fact as objects travel quicker, they get heavier. For that reason, it is only light-weight that can travel at the velocity of mild – since it has no mass.

The takeaway: Travelling at speed can modify your working experience of time, but time travel by touring more rapidly than the pace of mild is sadly not attainable.

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