Top 4 Fantastic Auckland Travel Attractions

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Auckland offers everything from bustling modern metropolises to postcard-perfect natural wonders – and everything in between! As New Zealand’s city with two large harbors, Auckland boasts much to offer its visitors; including delicious cuisine and outdoor adventure opportunities.

Experienced visitors praise the museum’s exhibits as both engaging and family-friendly. Or come face-to-face with native wildlife at Auckland Zoo’s 138 species housed within award-winning habitats. Manila to Auckland flight routes are now available through the services of Cathay Pacific. 

1. The Auckland Museum

This leading museum serves both as a war memorial and cultural showcase, featuring Pacific Islander and Maori exhibits as well as military displays. On the ground floor are features like an extant war canoe (25m long), extant meeting houses (carve with human hands) and the extant meeting house itself – which must be entered with shoes removed! On upper levels can be found regular special events and touring exhibitions; it also acts as the location for Anzac commemorations held each April 25 at dawn with locals gathering around its cenotaph.

At Auckland’s Sky Tower, soaring 328 meters tall is no easy task! Experience breathtaking city views from its viewing platforms or enjoy dining at one of New Zealand’s highest restaurants or the SkyBar; kids will especially love taking rides on its glass fronted lifts or trying their skills with Sky walks and jumps; while adults can test their nerve on glass flooring panels!

Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium on Tamaki Drive offers something more aquatic for visitors to Auckland. Named for an influential marine archaeologist, this amazing facility houses thousands of marine creatures and boasts an underwater tunnel filled with glowworms. Tours offer opportunities to come close and personal with sharks, stingrays and penguins!

Visit Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki if you’re an art enthusiast; its sprawling collection spans from indigenous pieces through modern, contemporary, and classical pieces – with an exclusive section for international touring exhibitions.

Stardome Observatory & Planetarium is an excellent choice for families with young children; both an elegant astronomical observatory and fun educational space with planetarium shows, immersive make-believe film sets, resident creatures such as one hyperrealistic giant figure and an incredible galactic robot await visitors here.

2. The Sky Tower

The Sky Tower is an iconic 328-meter structure that towers high above the city, offering breathtaking views over its natural harbors. Visitors can stroll along its outer ledge (known as Sky Walk) or jump off it (called Skyjump) for an exhilarating experience; for a more leisurely option try dining at Orbit 360’s rotating restaurant, Sugar Club, or simply relaxing on its main observation deck; making this top attraction both touristy and local-favorite during sunset hours.

Auckland’s Maritime Museum is another must-visit, boasting traditional Maori vessels and whaling boats from centuries past, along with navigation equipment from yesteryear and interactive exhibits that chronicle New Zealand’s long relationship with the sea. Recent travelers say their exhibits were educational and family-friendly – there is even a model of Sir Peter Blake’s championship yacht which became the fastest yacht to circumnavigate ever sailed around the globe! Additionally, you can take a one-hour Viaduct Harbour sail aboard one of these historic sailing ships!

On a clear day, the Auckland CBD can see the tower’s reflection in the water from across its proximity. On special occasions, its most iconic landmark will be lit up with various hues – red for Chinese New Year celebrations and green/pink to mark Mother’s Day and breast cancer awareness month respectively.

Hobbiton Movie Set, an idyllic working sheep farm turned Middle-earth village from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films, has quickly become a must-visit attraction near London. Lovers of these movies will find much to enjoy here; and newcomers alike often describe their experience as magical and memorable! We recommend booking tickets early as this attraction can become quite busy; tickets can be bought either online or directly at its ticket office on site; its opening times vary so check for updates before visiting.

3. The Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki

Boasting almost 17,000 pieces spread out over four floors of their award-winning building – which makes for a visual arts experience second-to-none – as well as several significant international paintings, sculptures and prints that the gallery holds in its collection.

The building reflects its purpose by adopting the form of a waka huia, an elegant vessel used for safely keeping one’s most treasured possessions, reflecting its role as the curator of Auckland’s art treasures (taonga toi). Furthermore, in addition to holdings within its collection and commissioning works that reflect some of New Zealand’s key cultural events or issues, such as these works on show here at the museum.

Visitors can experience the exhibits through free public tours or pay to have an experienced guide take them through. There’s also a cafe and souvenir shop at the gallery as well as other amenities. Access is easily available by CityLink and OuterLink bus routes or various street and off-street parking options nearby.

Travelers looking to spend more time exploring the collections can purchase an upgraded ticket that includes museum admissions and a one-hour cruise on the restored ship on property. Visitors have found its many exhibits engaging and family-friendly. Particularly popular among them are galleries dedicated to New Zealand maritime history featuring Maori canoes, outrigger boats, whaling equipment and old instruments; another gallery showcases New Zealand’s recent yachting success with Sir Peter Blake’s championship yacht on display.

4. Britomart

Britomart, situated at the heart of Auckland, is an exciting neighbourhood filled with historic architecture, chic boutiques and tasty dining options. At its center is the beautifully restored Britomart train station which now serves as home for restaurants and cafes; nearby lies Hotel Britomart – New Zealand’s first 5-Green Star hotel!

Cheshire Architects designed this hotel, boasting cozy timber-lined rooms and elegantly tiled bathrooms with hand-made ceramics and built-in sofas for relaxation and rejuvenation during your visit. In addition, its libraries provide guests with books and magazines to read during their stay at Hotel Britomart.

Britomart precinct offers excellent shopping, with both high-end brands and unique local stores to explore. Additionally, there are various restaurants and cafes that serve various cuisines to complete the experience.

Westpac, ANZ and other market-leading companies make this area their home. At this intersection of past and future lies an exciting mix of renovated dockside warehouses rubbing shoulders with modern architecture as well as an outdoor square lined by world-renowned restaurants and boutiques.

Britomart Garden is another star attraction of this area, housing an impressive selection of plants and flowers that provide a peaceful oasis to stroll through while taking in some sun or sipping some coffee or wine.

One Tree Hill is a favorite hiking spot in Auckland for those wanting to further explore the city, providing stunning views of both its harbors and surrounding suburbs. 

Once an active sheep farm, this location was transformed into filming locations for both films. Visitors can tour its sets including Hobbiton homes, Green Dragon Inn and other landmarks from these movies as well as ride shire horses over Hobbiton Village from above.

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