Things to Do in Barbados

Otto I. Eovaldi

There are plenty of things to do in Barbados and a lot of famous tourist hangouts other than just those in the main cities. Popular activities in Barbados usually have to do with water sports, boating, scuba diving and the like.

Other activities could be had as well as there are various monuments and locations of historical importance which can be visited to get a better insight into the history of Barbados and the Caribbean in particular. Some locations include:

* National Heroes Square

* Parliament Buildings of Barbados

* The Cathedral Church of Saint Michaels and All Angels

* The St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cathedral

* The Jewish Synagogue

* Fountain Garden

* The Pelican Village and Craft Centre

* The Nelson Statue

* The Barbados Museum

* Kensington Oval (site of the 2007 Cricket World Cup final)

* Carlisle Bay Beach

* Cheapside market

* The Tom Adams Financial Complex

* The Frank Collymore Hall of the Performing Arts

* The Cathedral Plaza

* The Red Light District

* The Garrison Savannah and National Historic Area


Barbados is usually warm and sunny throughout the year. The average temperature during the day is usually in the 85F range. At night you can expect the temperatures to reduce the substantially cooler levels.

Despite the fact that Barbados is mostly sunny, the northeast tradewinds which criss-cross the location, ensure that it does not become unbearably hot for its visitors as well as its inhabitants.

The dry season exists from January through to June; when the rains come they often do so in quick short showers. Tropical rainstorms however, tend to occur in hurricane season which comes in between the months of June to October.

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