Propane Camping Stoves Are a Great Choice

Otto I. Eovaldi

A camping stove is an important piece of camping gear needed while going on a holiday. However, there are many factors to be considered before purchasing the stoves as they come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and prices. The choice of the camping stoves majorly depend on the choice of fuel as these they are made to use particular fuels and each fuel has its good points and bad points depending on the situation. Let us first take the example of the propane camping stoves.

The propane camp stoves are easy to use. In situations like car camping, where weight is not a major issue, the propane stoves are worthy of consideration. Propane is available in small canisters and also in bigger canisters which can be refilled and its most important advantage is that it is clean-burning. These stoves usually have at least two burners and are specially used in griddles and group camping.

One more fuel used in camping stoves is canister gas which contains butane, isobutene or sometimes a blend of the two. The butane stove is mostly used in weekend backpacking, warm weather camping and bike trips. But these canisters are quite expensive and they do not work well in cold weathers.

Another commonly used fuel is alcohol as it is easily available and inexpensive too. The alcohol stoves are the best choice for disaster preparation kit but they burn only half as hot as stoves with other fuel.

The size of the camping stove is also a matter of consideration. If the stove is to be used for cooking the food of a single person, then the single burner small camping stove is the ultimate solution. But when it comes to family use, the best option is to use the family camping stoves. These stoves are safe in use and often come with a grill attachment. They are powered by large gas canisters. However, in most cases, people generally opt for portable camping stoves. These stoves are lightweight and particularly designed for camp use.

A special kind of camping stove is found in the form of marine alcohol electric stove. It uses shore power, when dockside and alcohol, when underway. Other special stoves available are the camp chef stoves that come with proper cooking utensils and thus offer the perfect outdoor cooking kit.

An important name to be mentioned in the category of camping stoves is the coleman camp stoves. They are lightweight, compact, three-burner and dual fuel stoves. They operate on coleman fuel as well as unleaded fuel. They are perfect in bringing the convenience of home at the campsites. Most of these stoves are stainless camping stoves made of rust-proof stainless steel. This ensures that the stove is going to last for many years.

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