Must-Visit Family Attractions in Florida

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Florida is the ideal family vacation destination with so many wow moments. These are our favorite must-see family attractions in Florida.

From theme parks to museums and nature preserves to beaches, Florida boasts a variety of locations that are great for learning, creating memories, and having fun. A journey to Florida with your children will be a vacation you will remember for years to come. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of some of the must-visit family attractions in Florida. You’ll definitely want to check these out before your kids grow up. Our list includes everything from major theme parks to tiny, off-the-beaten-path nature reserves, and more. Enjoy your family vacation in Florida!

Where to Stay Near Family Attractions in Florida

For the first step, you might want to consider where to stay during this lovely holiday. An ideal home base is Orlando, as it is the center of Florida and everything from there will be of equal distance if you haven’t decided what you want to visit. And with many cheap apartments for rent in Orlando, you will be able to save your money for visiting the most intriguing sights and places.

Walt Disney World 

Walt Disney World is widely regarded as the world’s greatest theme park for children, inspiring imagination and innovation. Parents will also enjoy paying homage to classic Disney flicks. The park spans over 27,000 acres and includes four indoor theme parks, two water parks, a camping resort, and other entertainment venues.

family attractions in Florida

One of the most popular family attractions in Florida is Walt Disney World. Photo by Alyssa Eakin on Unsplash

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Riding various rides, getting autographs from your favorite Disney characters, witnessing live shows, dining at themed restaurants are just some of the things it offers.  The park has so many features that you could easily spend a week discovering everything it has to offer.

There is no place like Disney World in Orlando for the ideal amusement park experience. Millions of tourists flock here each year to experience the Magic Kingdom and so many other attractions of this huge amusement park, proving that Disney’s magic has not worn off over the decades.

Kennedy Space Center

One of Florida’s most thrilling, entertaining, and instructive attractions is the Kennedy Space Center. This massive facility, located on Florida’s Space Coast, is where space exploration created history. Today, you may view rockets and the Space Shuttle Atlantis, as well as meet an astronaut and learn about space missions.

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is split into mission zones, each with unique displays and interactive exhibits centered on a distinct topic. The displays are created for people of all ages, making this a fun experience for adults and families alike.

family attractions in Florida

Children of all ages enjoy exploring Kennedy Space Center. Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Children will enjoy learning about humanity’s voyage into space, from the early days of exploration to the missions taking place today. There is no better site to pique a child’s curiosity in space and astronautics.

SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando, like Walt Disney World, is a massive entertainment park that has long been a staple of Florida family holidays. The complex includes conventional dolphin and whale excursions, as well as acts with a cast of surprising characters ranging from cats and ducks to otters and sea lions.

Family Attractions in Florida

Children young and old enjoy SeaWorld Orlando. Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

Other attractions include Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin exhibit and a slew of other aquarium displays featuring a diverse range of marine species. Thrill rides like the high-speed Mako roller coaster, which can reach speeds of up to 73 miles per hour, and the Journey to Atlantis water coaster ride are also important elements of the SeaWorld experience.

Final Thoughts About Must-See Family Attractions in Florida

Florida is one of the most visited states in America, thanks to its beaches, amusement parks, national parks, and a variety of distinctive tourist attractions. Families go to Orlando to take their children to the theme parks. This list covers our favorite must-see family attractions in Florida. You can easily spend a few weeks in Florida with your family without seeing everything there is to see – and yet not hear your children say, “I’m bored.” Be sure to check out Wander for more places to explore when you visit Florida and other ideas for fun family vacations. 

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