Khalid Lagoon – Serenity in the City

Otto I. Eovaldi

Wrapped by the waters of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman stands the city of Sharjah of the United Arab Emirates. It boasts of a long history, culture and civilizations. Currently, Sharjah has several souks (market areas), parks and skyscrapers. Rare treasures found in Arabian soil are also found in Sharjah; oases, where vegetables and fruits grow on lush fertile ground.

In 1998 it earned the title ‘Cultural Capital of Arabia’ from UNESCO mainly due to its large museums, and conservative laws. While keeping culture at the forefront, Sharjah has blossomed into a full fledged modern day town complete with its own international airport, hotels, restaurants and other commercial activity. The city presents a number of shopping malls, sports facilities, beaches and opportunities to hike or camp.

At the heart of this Middle Eastern city of culture and history sits the Khalid Lagoon. It is an artificial lagoon characterized by a fountain that spurts drops of colourful water steadily into the lagoon. The patch of green around the lagoon is one of the most favoured places for recreation among the residents. People are seen rambling along the water’s edge in the evenings or going for an invigorating jog. As dusk sets in some go for a short trip in the ‘old boat’, as it is dubbed, in the waters of the lagoon, for an old fashioned but enchanting ride. Buildings of all sizes and proportions surround the lagoon, without marring its placidity.

A line of Sharjah hotels are amidst those buildings that command a lovely view of the misty sprays of the Khalid Lagoon, which is indeed a picturesque sight to awaken to.

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