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About Tuscany

Near the bottom of the Italian peninsula, in the old grand duchy of the same name, is where the transitional area of Tuscany is located. The distinctive topography consists of a mixture of gently sloping hills that continue into high peaks mountains, creating a strong barrier between Tuscany and areas to the south.

The Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and the Apuan Alps, which are separated from the sub-Apennine highlands of Mount Albano, Mount Pratomagno, and other mountains by a series of long valleys, form its northern and northeastern borders.


World-famous sights

It comes as no surprise that Tuscany is full of must-see sights and Unesco heritage sites given its rich history. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is arguably the most well-known landmark in the whole globe. In the 12th century, while the bell tower with its wedding-cake tiers was being constructed, it began to lean. Rather than abandon the project, building just continued, with one side being built taller than the other in an effort to make up for the lean.


A feast for foodies

Tuscany is well-known around the world for its compelling export of red wine in addition to being the birthplace of the Renaissance. Italian wine has long been associated with Chianti, which was traditionally served in straw-covered bottles over red-checkered tablecloths in Italian eateries all over the world. If you dig deeper, the wines of the region have a lot more to offer.


Tuscany family holiday


The top activities for a family vacation in Tuscany are:


Best Villas in Tuscany for rent:

  1. Belvedere – Florence

Belvedere is one of the finest solutions for a luxury resort in Florence, providing a breathtaking view of the Tuscan hillsides and being only a 30-minute walk from the downtown area. The property is a refurbished historic home that provides a high-end stay with wonderfully furnished interiors and magnificent outdoor views to match.

The pool with a spectacular view will certainly be a highlight of the trip, and the eight bedrooms and nine bathrooms will be excellent for entertaining a big group of people. All of the must-see Florentine attractions, including the recognizable Ponte Vecchio bridge, beautiful Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, and renowned Uffizi Gallery, must be seen while you are there. Visit Piazzale Michelangelo for the fabled city view.

  1. Casale in Val D’Orcia – Sarteano

Allow yourself to enjoy a wonderful rural escape in this magnificent luxury Tuscan home located in the gorgeous Val d’Orcia. The picture-perfect steep plains and mediaeval cities with red roofs dot this section of the area.

You may rent Casale in Val D’Orcia, a large five-bedroom antique home with original interiors that strike the ideal mix between contemporary furnishings and the surrounding antiquity. A six-hectare park with a private olive grove of 300 trees is a true beauty. The house has a BBQ, a fully functional kitchen, and a pleasant terrace with a stunning view of Sarteano’s historic centre.

  1. Casale Montecavallo – Saturnia

Choose Casale Montecavallo for your opulent Tuscan villa getaway to make the most of Saturnia’s cascading thermal waterfalls, which may be among Italy’s most aesthetically beautiful destinations. This home, which is only a five-minute drive from the renowned resort, has a beautiful rural location with views of the recognizable Tuscan hills. The home, a classy stone building from the nineteenth century, features a lawn and a private pool that can sleep up to 11 people. The great location and historic decor of the home were praised by visitors.

  1. Villa with a Stunning View – Lucca

This opulent Lucca home has every amenity you could want from a vacation in the breathtaking Tuscan countryside, making it the epitome of romance. This lodging, which is housed in a meticulously restored 18th-century home, gives you the chance to disconnect under olive trees and blend in with the serene countryside.

A sizable private garden, a shared infinity pool, Wi-Fi, and airy, roomy bedrooms are all included. Pick one of the many walking routes to explore the area on foot, and be sure to visit Lucca, a delightful city with a stunning Renaissance centre and a tonne of quaint eateries serving regional rustic food.

  1. Villa Il Fico – Elba Island

There are islands in Tuscany in addition to the mainland. The third-largest island in Italy, Elba, is famous for its beaches. Villa del Fico is unquestionably one of the top luxury hotels on Elba because of its spectacular setting overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The house has two bedrooms, a fully functional kitchenette, a private yard with a BBQ, and a private swimming pool. The villa’s breathtaking location and chic décor were adored by its visitors. Villa Il Fico is ideal for a peaceful getaway with a stunning island setting. Don’t forget to visit the charming village of Rio and swim at the neighbouring Porticciolo beach.

  1. Castello Delle Quattro Torra

Spend the night at a historic castle within ten minutes from the well-known Tuscan city of Siena. The building has original stones, a Medieval courtyard, and timbered ceilings. For the most all-encompassing views of Tuscany’s landscape, think about reserving the Tower Room, which is in the castle tower.

Le Pietre Vive, their restaurant, creates culinary magic with ingredients from the area, and cooking workshops are constantly available. The various sights in and around Siena may be explored, or you can participate in a truffle search during the appropriate time of year.


Italy Tuscany landscape


Is Tuscany a good family holiday?

In Tuscany, you may go cycling, enjoy sightseeing, go to the beach, visit farm animals, and eat a delicious lunch with wine, all on the same trip or even the same day! This makes it one of the top locations in Italy for family vacations. Additionally, Tuscany is quite simple to travel to.


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