Hotels in Rameswaram Near Beach

Otto I. Eovaldi

Rameshwaram is one of the holiest places of Tamil Nadu in southern India. It is one of the most renowned pilgrim places in the region and is located on a beautiful island in the lower side of India. The island is separated by a small Pamban channel from Sri Lanka. Apart from its religious significance and association with Lord Rama of the Hindu mythology, the city of Rameswaram is a very popular tourist destination, flanked by beautiful beaches and beach hotels in Rameswaram, which attracts thousands of tourists every year from all across the globe.

Rameswaram is one of the most popular tourist hot-spots in Tamil Nadu, mainly because of the religious importance that it receives by members of the religious community. A lot of pilgrims visit Rameswaram to enjoy its scenic beauty and to take a dip in its holy sea waters. The main attraction of the place is the Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple, created for worshipping lord Rama. The place is wonderful with good climatic condition and the temple is located near the sea. Rameshwaram temple is one out of the seven auspicious temples of India where people come to offer prayers for achieving salvation in life. The seashore is about 100 metres from the main entrance of the temple. It is called the Agnitheertham with the Sri Ramanathaswamy temple facing east. It is very calm and therefore ideal for bathing. The water at this place is considered sacred and known as Agni theertham. Staying in one of the beach hotels in Rameswaram provides easy access to the sea-shore and to many of its popular religious destinations. Moreover, it gives the tourists an opportunity to spend a peaceful evening near the sea-shore. One can also go for long leisure walks during the late hours of the night and retrieve back easily to the confines of his hotel room. While staying in hotels in Rameswaram near beach one can also enjoy the wonderful glass boat ride near Pamban Bridge to see coral reefs in the sea. For all the above reasons, it is advisable to put up in hotels in Rameswaram near beach.

Beach hotels in Rameswaram

Hotel Senthil Andavar, Rameswaram is among the budget beach hotels in Rameswaram. It is located just 300 meters from the Agnitheertham or the holy sea-beach of the Rameswaram temple. The hotel excels in providing a comfortable accommodation, as well as a variety of efficient services and modern facilities to its visitors at reasonable prices. It is therefoe a preferred choice of many tourists coming to Rameswaram.

Hotel Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Rameswaram is also among good beach hotels in Rameswaram. It is a budget hotel strategically located pretty close to the west gate of the Temple and midway to the railway station and the bus station. Nestled amongst the pilgrim haven, overlooking the beautiful skyline of Rameswaram city and just minutes away from many places of interest, this hotel is well equipped with luxurious rooms and full amenities. The room tariffs here are Rs. 700 per night which makes it quite affordable for one and all.

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