Grand Bahamas Island – A Perfect Spring Time Destination!

Otto I. Eovaldi

Grand Bahamas Island is a perfect getaway destination. This beautiful island is located near the Atlantic Ocean. There are more then seven hundred islands, which make your vacations quite thrilling. The meticulous beaches and adventure sports satiates the senses of both adventurous and romantic people. Few of the must visit islands are; Abaco, Long Island, Grand Bahamas Island and Cat Island. Nassau, the capital is awe-inspiring, its natural beauty compel you to visit this place time and again. The best time to visit this island is spring time. The weather is pleasant, making it comfortable for the stay and other adventurous sports. So, in next spring vacations don’t spend too much time deciding the destination.

Here, you will find two kinds of beaches, activity beaches and secluded beaches. On activity beaches, as the name suggests offer you many fun filled activities like snorkeling, parasailing and windsurfing. Some of the popular activity beaches are Taino Beach, Lucaya Beach and Xanadu Beach. The spectacular white beaches and the deep sea fishing are the major attractions of this island. Fishing lovers would never like to miss this destination.

As for the secluded beaches, you will enjoy being their, but you will enjoy more in exploring the treasures hidden in the sands of those beaches. If you really want to enjoy on a secluded island, go towards southeast or southwest of the island. Gold Rock Beach a part of Lucayan National Park is one of the popular secluded.The nightlife offered by Grand Bahamas Island is awesome. There are variety of night clubs and pubs, where life seems to be turned into an ultimate euphoria. You can even enjoy a romantic moon dance on the beaches of these beautiful and meticulous beaches.

You can even enjoy shopping on the beaches and in the exclusive markets where you can shop exquisite gift items. Port Lucaya Market place and International Bazaar are the two important shopping areas. You can enjoy the taste of local handicrafts and even find the licensed hair braiders.

Honeymooners find the romance in the cool sea breeze that gushes past them when on a walk. You will always find honeymooners on this exquisite island, enjoying the bliss of each others company. These days many couples even plan their wedding on the exclusive secluded beaches of Grand Bahamas Island. A wedding experience on a beach is unique and quite fun filled.

Most people dream of going to Bahamas for a vacation, because of the serenity and the closeness to nature. A vacation to Bahamas is surely not very expensive, as there are many discount Bahamas vacation packages available. If not this, you can even go in for loan for a vacation. When you plan your vacation to Grand Bahamas Island, be very careful about the tour operator. Make all the due arrangements well in time, so as to avoid any inconvenience. Specially, if you plan your vacation during spring time, be extra cautious. As during this season, the chance is quite high that you will find no hotel or resort for a comfortable stay. So make all the arrangements beforehand, to enjoy the vacation to its full.

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