Forza Horizon 5: How To Complete The Hot Wheels Park Tour Mission

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As you work your way through Forza Horizon 5’s Hot Wheels DLC, you’ll need to complete a series of missions to increase your Academy Rank. And once you’re Pro Rank, you’ll come across a mission called Hot Wheels Park Tour, which asks you to drive from Forest Falls to Giant’s Canyon and then cross over into The Ice Cauldron in less than four minutes. It may sound like a heck of a drive, but you can actually shave a significant amount of time with a specific route. We’ll tell you how to make that happen so that you can unlock those sweet 50 medals.

How to complete the Hot Wheels Park Tour mission

For starters, the Hot Wheels Park Tour mission requires that you drive an A-class car, so make sure you switch vehicles if you’ve been driving about using a different class.

Now, at first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you need to begin your drive at the peak of Forest Falls, but the mission’s text can actually be a little bit misleading. As a matter of fact, you can begin the mission at the very southern section of the forest biome, making for a much, much quicker drive. See below for exactly where to fast travel to begin the drive.

Start here.
Start here.

While staying in this location in the forest biome, set a route all the way to the other side of the map in the ice biome. See below for the exact location.

End here.
End here.

With your route set, you can set off to complete the Hot Wheels Park Tour mission, which you’ll likely find that you finish in only a few short minutes. With those 50 medals in your possession, you’ll be one step closer to becoming the Hot Wheels Legend.

While you’re at it, check out where to find the Hot Wheels DLC bonus boards.

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