Chateau De Chambord – A Renaissance Masterpiece In The Heart Of The Loire Valley

The Loire Valley in France, located just outside of Paris, in the French countryside, is home to the country’s multitude of chateaux. There are several hundred castles here and over sixty of them are open to tourists. The Loire Valley is often referred to as the Garden of France due to its location but also has earned the name, the Valley of Kings due to the abundance of chateaux built by kings during the Renaissance period.

One of the most famous chateaux is Chateau de Chambord. Containing over 440 rooms, 18 stories, and 5440 acres of land, this estate was originally built as a hunting lodge for Francois I during the Renaissance. Francois I was especially interested in both hunting and architecture as is evident by the overall appearance of Chambord. The architecture of this castle is truly spectacular with high terraces that overlook the Great Lawn, Grand Canal, and Chambord Forest. Inside there is also a unique double spiral staircase in which people can use and never see each other due to its design. There are eleven rooms open to the public, one which was the former hunting room of Francois I.

Collections of furniture, paintings, and tapestries are also found at the Chambord. Personal collections from both Francois I and Louis XIV and their families are still housed here and are open for public viewing.

The Chateau de Chambord offers many fun and educational experiences when visiting. There are several classes in which children can participate such as the half day workshops. In these, students are able to “meet” historical figures played by actors in the Moliere theatre company, and are transformed back into the time of the Renaissance. These interactive classes allow the student to tour the castle’s secret passageways, gardens, and to educate them on life in the Renaissance as well as famous figures from this time.

The castle also opens its doors to companies or private parties wishing to rent the facilities. People wishing to host parties, galas, seminars, or fairs are able to reserve certain rooms for their specific events.

Chateau de Chambord is probably the most extravagant castle of them all in the Loire Valley and is a “must see” for every traveler to the Loire Valley in France.

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