Alamut Valley Travel Guide

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Historical past

Alamut refers to an isolated valley lying in between Siah lan on the north, and Alborz, and Qazvin mountains on the south. Etymologically, the name Alamut suggests “qualified eagle” or, as some sources say, the eagle’s nest. Actually, there is a tale at the rear of this etymology. According to the story, once an eagle guided a Daylamite ruler to find this strategic web-site.

By the way, based mostly on much more concrete historic evidence, this fortress was part of the Buyid territory and a person of the Daylamite kings made it in 860 Advertisement.

Afterwards in the Seljuk era, for the reason that of currently being critically repressed by the government, Isma’ilis (a branch of Shia Islam) seized and rebuilt numerous fortresses, mostly in Tabas, Khorasan, Khuzestan, and Syria to apply their religious rituals and traditions.

Amid these fortified sites, Alamut was conquered by Hassan Sabbah in 1090 Advert . Hasan Sabbah (1050-1124 Ad) turned this fortress into one of the most important facilities of Isma’ilis. Not only did this castle present safety for Isma’ilis, but also gave them a nest to live their day life.

Later on, with the Mongol invasion and their profession of Iran, Hulagu Khan massacred Isma’ilis in 1256 Advertisement. Far ahead in the Safavid period, the fortress was renovated to be applied as prison. Yet, all through the later periods, the castle fell into ruin, mainly by the people today who dug it unrestrictedly to uncover the missing treasury of the Assassins.

Where by Is Alamut valley?

The Alamut Valley is situated in North of Iran plateau , In the north of Qazvin province and south of the Caspian Sea in the the west part of Alborz mountain selection .

How Do You Get To Alamut Valley?

You can generate with a bus from Tehran to Qazvin (قزوین) in 2 several hours, then from Qazvin you ought to drive on a On a dizzying mountain road to the heart of Alborz mountain selection to access to Alamut valley . it will take about 3 hours (86km) from Qazvin to Moallem Kalayeh ( The centre of Alamut valley) .Yep, mountaineering in these kinds of a paradise does not come affordable and quick !


When Is The Ideal Time To Go to?

It depends on the goal of your vacation. Listed here we mention the finest time for distinct functions :

Cultural sightseeing : April – May well – June – July – August – September – November

Trekking in reduced mountains , road biking : April – May well – June – July – August – September – November

Ski mountaineering : February – March – April

Large mountain hiking : July – August – September

What You can do?  Alamut valley attraction .

Alamut Castle

Alamut castle, one particular of the distinctive historic castles in Iran, is situated in the northwest of Qazvin province on the top of rock with 200 m height higher than the encompassing lands.

This castle is made up of two higher and lower castles developed as a wonderful making and the quadruplet walls of it built by next the condition and situations of the rocks so that the partitions width are in particular various in various components.

There are precipices around the castle in four sides and the only castle entrance is at the finish of the northeast side of the castle. The castle is acknowledged for Hasan Sabbah, the propagandist of Ismailis faith in the Seljuk period in 428 AH.

There is some disagreement amongst historians about the development day, nonetheless, it unquestionably belongs to the early Islamic era. This castle was seized by Hulagu Khan in 654 AH. The prosperity of this castle was lessened by seizing and burning the important library so that it turned into a jail and exile now.

Andaj village

Andaj village is a portion of Roudbar Alamut, Qazvin town, is situated in length of 15 km from Mo’allem Kalaye and 80 Km of Qazvin . The village, surrounded by rivers and beautiful rocks, is just one of the preferred vacationer places in this area.

Lambser Castle

Lambsar Castle is a person of the most critical Ismaili fortresses in the Seljuk period in Qazvin. And the architectural relics of the Sassanid era and early Islamic time period can be witnessed in this castle.

It was conquered by the Ismailis in the 12 months 489 AH and received great prominence for the duration of the period of time of Ismaili domination.

According to historic sources, the castle was at first owned by a person named Rashamoj, but Kia Hassan Omid, a close mate and believer in Hassan Sabah, was specified as his successor, together with a number of many others, begun to occupy and establish the castle. Kia Hassan has lived in the castle for 20 yrs.

Ovan lake

Ovan lake is positioned in Alamut area of Qazvin province (North East of Qazvin). Following passing about 80 km from Qazvin metropolis, you will get to the lake, and it is among the four villages Evan, Vorben, Zovardasht and Zarabad. This lake with an place of far more than seventy thousand square meters, is situated at an elevation of 1,815 meters previously mentioned sea level. The longest aspect is 325 meters long and 275 meters wide.

There are no rivers movement into this lake and its water is supplied by water effervescency of the lake’s foundation and rainfall. The frequent effervescency of the lake’s h2o has manufactured it clear and limpid.

There is also a small river which overflows from the lake that is applied by farmers. In summer, the lake is a wonderful area for fishing, boating and when the autumn comes, it is time for the migration of birds these kinds of as swans, gooses and ducks.

Outside functions in Alamut Valley

Mountaineering and extensive walks:

with the intention of climbing the superior peaks of Alborz such as Sialan, Alam Kooh, Khoshkchal, and many others. or reaching the north by means of Alamut


In order to see the specialised birds such as eagles, partridges and other species that Alamut, thanks to its unique geography and mother nature, has a substantial probable and capacity to attract this group of holidaymakers.

Cave climbing:

Thanks to the deficiency of detailed investigation and the absence of sufficient info and the will need for devices to enter it, the ability of this section of Alamut has not been totally made use of nevertheless. White h2o cave is just a person of dozens of modest and large samples.

Rock climbing:

The sample area of Andaj and Garmarud can be applied as a pilot

Observation tours:

for the function of stargazing and observing the moons of the solar program, which is fascinating to know Alamut has been released in the prestigious National Geographic journal as a single of the best 10 sites for this intent.


Navigate the route to western Alamut or Tonekabon

Rafting excursions (boating in roaring waters):

utilised to be performed by nearby teams with expert products and experie
nced people today and have progressed to in close proximity to Sefidrud, but sad to say now thanks to deficiency of water, deficiency of amenities and correct improvement and Extreme use in the path is not justified.

Ski mountaineering :

You can do ski tour in Alamut mountains from January to March



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