5 Reasons Why These Top 10 World Class Cities Are a Must Visit

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The subject of picking just ten cities out of the array of top-notch cities across the world I must confess is a timed-explosion bomb. No matter which side of the divide you stand; you’re doomed to offend some people inadvertently.

My list almost without thinking and consultation seems to agree with the monstrous article written by Dave Doran which he captioned Top 10 Must Visit World Class Cities. My drift in this article is to concentrate on the top 5 common denominator of these cities, in other words; what are the most alluring qualities that hese wonderful cities have in common that continues to draw travelers and visitors from across the world.

I have an unusual challenge, it stems from the fact that my list of the top 10 cities comes in their order of importance and value to travelers worldwide. Without fear of being contradicted or misunderstood. The city that tops my list are:

NEW YORK CITY – The city with the most giant building in the world, The city that never sleeps, The city of light, the city for shoppers, so good they named it twice.

Paris – The romance and beauty headquarters of the world.

LAS VEGAS – The entertainment and gambling capital of the world.

SYDNEY – The friendliest and most peaceful city for travelers.

SAN FRANCISCO – The most liberal and cozy city for tourists.

BANGKOK – Asia’s gift to the tourist world, most attractive city for tourists.

Tokyo – The city of awe-inspiring scenery, the city of amazing landmarks.

London – The city of the queen. The city for all.

Rome – The city of historic landmarks, the pontifical enclave.

Venice – The city of charm and beauty.

I dare say unequivocally these cosmopolitan cities are a must visit for any international tourist. A visit to any of these marvelous cities with their unforgettable sights and scenery will leave a lasting impression in your life.

Enough of my rambling!

What do these cities have in common? Why do they attract a large chunk of international visitors? In fact; it is on record that millions visit these top 10 cities every year!

They all have these qualities in common!

1. NIGHTLIFE- The activity of people seeking nighttime diversion is increasing worldwide. The entertainment available to people seeking nighttime is very much available in these sprawling cities. You can find grand movie theaters like the magic theater in 254 west 29th street I New York, ny I 10001, Regal Boulder Station 11 Theatre 4111 Boulder Highway Las Vegas, NV 8912. Outstanding restaurants like Vegas Hotel Bar & entertainment in Sydney or pay a visit to the Bei Otto in downtown Bangkok to have a feel of German-European cuisines.

2. ICONIC LANDMARKS- Take a look at Parliament Square, London, Tower Bridge, Southwark, London, the Kew Gardens, Kew, London. Is it the historic landmarks of Venice like Basilica San Marco – San Marco Square, Piazza San Marco St. Mark’s Square, Tokyo Tower, Hanazono Jinja Tokyo,

When you visit Rome, there are 8 unforgettable landmark sites you must visit. These are:

The Coliseum – it has been estimated that some 500,000 people and over a million animals died inside the Colosseum.

The Pantheon – Oldest standing domed structure in Rome, the Pantheon is the best preserved building from the Roman Empire, and probably the best (of its age) in the whole world, The building is not only famous for its portico (the facade) or the large concrete structure, but mostly for the great round eye in the middle of the roof, also known as the Oculus.

Trevi Fountain – One of the busiest places in Rome, the Trevi Fountain is among the most stunning fountains in the world with a beautiful Baroque architecture.

Spanish Steps – Just a couple of minutes from Piazza del Popolo at the base of La Fontana della Barcaccia in Piazza di Spagna, this is where you’ll find the Spanish Steps. They are the longest and widest staircase in all Europe.

Piazza Navona – A Baroque Roman masterpiece, a marvel of light and sculpture, Piazza Navona is a public space that has the plans of an ancient Roman city circus. The whole area is crowded by tourists, lots of open air cafes and restaurants, and the numerous artists who draw or paint your portrait or caricature.

Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II – Made entirely out of chopped pure white marble, the 135m high structure lies from the Capitoline Hill to Piazza Venezia which is marble, and features a huge equestrian sculpture of Victor Emmanuel and two statues of the goddess Victoria riding on quadrigas. This is also the place where the Unknown Soldier Tomb is located.

Castel Sant’Angelo – Located on the right bank of the Tiber where the river gets larger the castle is the most impressive element of the beautiful panorama. It’s now a museum and if you’re lucky you can serve a cup of Italian coffee in an outdoor cafe and enjoy a sunny day.

The Vatican – I don’t think the Vatican needs any more presentation, but make sure you visit St Peter’s Basilica, climb up to the top to see the great panorama and visit the Vatican Museum ensure you get up early in the morning so that you miss out on the early morning wonder.

3. TOP CLASS HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS – You’ll be at home in any of these cities when it comes to accommodation. From one to five star mega hotels and restaurants depending on the size of your check book. Check out Gramercy Park Hotel New York, Sushisamba at the Palazzo Las Vegas. Tourists and travelers the world over take particular interest in the caliber of hotels and restaurants they eat and lodge in. You’ll top class services from the equally top hotels and restaurants that abound in these cosmopolitan and metropolitan cities.

4. TOP CLASS SHOPPING CENTRES – Shopping is the other name of tourists and travelers the world over, there are equally top-class shopping centres in all of the top 10 cities in my list

5. HOSPITALITY – The reception that you receive when you visit any of these cities is not only top-class, it cannot be compared to none.

I hope you have a swell time, when you have the opportunity to visit any of these top vacations must visit cities! Remember I told you.

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