Switzerland Flexi Tours And Travels

Switzerland – The paradise on earth! Widely known for its wide variety of chocolates, skillfully made pocketknives and majestically surrounding Alps, Switzerland is one of the most fascinating and sought after destination in Europe. The beautiful land of Switzerland is located on a plateau enveloped with high soaring Alps. As […]

Unique Fruity Drinks in Epcot

Budgeting can only go so far, especially on vacation, and on even the cheapest of cheap Disney vacations, you deserve to give yourself a treat and splurge at least once. You’ve taken the kids to meet Mickey Mouse, you’ve ridden all the rides, you’ve been submerged in all things Disney […]

5 Vacation Spots in Florida

Florida has always been considered a premier destination for a memorable vacation. Fishing is tremendous on both sides of the state with the Gulf of Mexico to the west and the Atlantic to the east and multiple lakes and streams inland. Some come for the amusement parks or stick around […]

The Great Pyramid Is A Time Machine

Otto I. Eovaldi

If I were to build a time machine, it would have a very straightforward design. It would have a square base with four isosceles triangles as its walls. Its interior would be filled with a dense material of great mass such as granite or limestone. Despite our Hollywood inspired conditioned […]